Lightweight boxes for golf buggy

Foresight Innovations’ happy customer, Golf Car UK, collected six buggy boxes last week, each weighing in at just over 40kg, which is super lightweight.   The lightweight portable boxes are not only lighter, they are stronger, less prone to damage and cheaper. The lightweight, portable boxes are hinged and tip up, allowing access to the cart’s motor.

Previously, Golf Car UK were using a box fabricated from aluminium which required a fork truck to mount and limited the available payload.  The new portable box is ideal for moving equipment and materials around any job site. The lockable rear boxes are ideally suited for hospitality too as great laundry vehicles or for transporting items around hotel grounds and golf courses.  Now, with a lighter box, the groundsmen and housekeeping are able to make great use of this versatile golf cart.

Golf Car UK offer a variety of golf carts with a wide range of tools and accessories.  Their unique specifications will ensure you get the best specified vehicle for your needs.

Foresight innovations develop industry-leading composite material technologies.  Our approach is to co-create materials, processes and solutions that deliver benefits to our customers and the environment.  We have been delighted to support Golf Car UK in their new project and are looking forward to working together again.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss with our innovations team, please get in touch.