Foresight Innovations design and manufacture bespoke boxes for cargo bikes and vehicles throughout the UK.

We provided our customer, EAV, with a standard shelf in their EAV cargo box which just wasn’t working for their own customer, Laundryheap.  It was apparent that alterations needed to be made to keep the merchandise inside the cargo box safe and secure.

EAV asked Foresight Innovations for their help in fixing the issue and, with our production partners Omnia CS, we developed a lasting solution. “Of course, we can do that!” was our immediate response

Sending the vehicles back to EAV, based in Oxfordshire, or worse to Foresight Innovations, based in Nottingham, for modification was out of the question.  This would prove costly, poor for the environment and time consuming.  These vehicles needed to be back on the road as soon as possible.  Instead, Foresight decided to produce the modified shelves in our manufacturing facility and travelled to Laundryheap in London to modify the boxes in situ.  Our production partners, Omnia CS, dispatched two personnel to carry out in-field modifications to fit the newly designed shelving system into the EAV cargo boxes.

Leo Bethell from EAV was delighted with the outcomes and was quoted as saying, “we were really pleased with the turnaround time and how easily Omnia and Foresight were able to tailor the modifications so quickly.”

The Foresight team also co-ordinated with Laundryheap to ensure their vehicles would be off the road for the least amount of time possible. Apart from dealing with the London traffic, the Foresight and Omnia boys enjoyed a day out in the Big Smoke and the entire fleet of boxes was modified by the end of the day.  This entailed modifications in relation to the hanging rail and 3/4 length shelves, and separate hanging compartments for clothes.  To avoid creasing to clothing, it was important that bags were unable to roll around.

Mayur Bommai from Laundryheap said: “EAV, Foresight Innovations and Omnia CS have exceeded our expectations with their efficiency and quick resolution, given the operational constraints of Laundryheap”.  Mayur went on to say “It is the perfect example of how supply chain partners can work together, to deliver a seamless customer experience, while aligning their procedures to core sustainability values followed by the clients.  Everyone involved devised an adaptive solution to an integral functional issue while prioritizing minimal disruption to client operations, which speaks highly about the customer-centric values followed by the companies involved. In doing so, they have succeeded in gaining our trust and increasing their credibility and reliability as supply partners, all of which are significant factors for customer retention and repeat business”.

Les Meader from Foresight Innovations said, “We were delighted to be approached for help. We pride ourselves on our proactive ability to assist. More than just a supplier, we partner with our customers and, if necessary, our customer’s customers to provide the best all-round timely solution for the customer, the end user and the environment.

If you have a project that you are working on and require our help with modification or manufacture, please get in touch.