Foresight Innovation’s is fulfilling our clients’ endeavours to produce zero-emission, micro mobility, cargo bikes and vehicles, using lightweight composites, designed to meet the rapidly growing demands of the final mile delivery market.

Lightweight sandwich panels are a real micro-mobility enabler and we use them for the storage boxes for our Lightweight Electrically-Assisted Cargo Solutions.  Our focus is on zero-emission vehicles in urban environments and the need for greener business to business and business to consumer parcel delivery services.

There is a new generation vehicle-production company developing efficient ‘last-mile’ delivery solutions in our rapidly growing zero-emissions market.  They have a vision that urban mobility can be transformed for the better and have produced a ground-up delivery vehicle; all with the help of Foresight Innovations.  Foresight, alongside their partner, Omnia CS has worked closely with the vehicle production company partners to produce the cargo boxes on the delivery vehicles, with operational efficiencies and cost savings at the forefront of the project goals.

The vehicles, which are efficient, lightweight, and with no emissions, will be operating worldwide and are suitable for commercial operators and delivery companies. The bikes are efficient in terms of maintenance and ease of use. With Foresight’s involvement, our partner’s vision to create a healthier, cleaner blueprint for the next generation in mobility has been met.  Foresight Innovations is thrilled to have been involved in the creation of an intelligent method of delivery transport that offers a strong, fit for purpose and efficient e-cargo bike described as having been ‘engineered down from a van rather than up from a bicycle’

Foresight Innovations is the UK’s leading lightweight sandwich panel supplier and offers the lightest sandwich panels on the market. Our sandwich panels can be thermally fused, offering excellent strength to weight ratio.  Our lightweight composite sandwich panels are 100% recyclable using only the finest composite materials available, contributing to a sustainable future.

Sustainability is at the very core of what we do.  We are dedicated to managing our business responsibly.  We constantly strive to improve our products, materials and performance.

All of our products are produced to British Standard BS EN 9001:2000.

Let us help bring your ideas to life; get in touch with one of the Foresight Innovations Team for more information on micromobility projects, lightweight composite solutions, and our prototyping & welding technologies.

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